Nokia Cowboy by 1st Ave Machine

Directed by Anthony Furlong, I pre-vised this entire spot (February 2011) before it was shot with real actors. I simply used a 3D phone in Maya and the textures on the screens were movie files. This spot was posted on Motionographer by Michelle Higa Fox. I might post the original pre-vis, at some point.


1st Ave Machine "Nike Lunar"

Directed by Asif Mian of 1st Avenue Machine, this gravity-defying spot for Nike Lunar was previsualized by myself in February 2011.

Pop Tarts Dancer II

Introducing Panda Panther's "Pop Tarts Dancer II." I worked on animation for the first two shots and the dancing trio shot (which you can see in the YouTube still frame, funny enough!) There was a fantastic crew working on this spot, and it was a very new experience for me, given that the set was a practical model! Beautiful!

Started Working on Rio

Today is my first day as a Temp Animation TA at Blue Sky Studios (Greenwich, CT) working on the upcoming feature film, "Rio," coming in Easter. My duties include frame-by-frame animation clean-up, crowd population, etc. Enjoy the trailer!

Project Archives

Created at Shilo, April 2010, this spot rejuvenates the original Snoopy and Woodstock MetLife commercials. The senior animator was Jordan Blit, but I picked up where he left off, cleaning up blocked animation and creating some of my own, like the elephants.

Created at Psyop, this is the second spot in the new Michelin Energy Saver tires campaign. I had the pleasure of animating on a number of shots, including the 2-shot where the critter screams and the end shot where the trio is dancing arm-in-arm, and several other background character shots. Hope you like it!

Airing October 7, 2009, this 30-sec spot for the Michelin tire campaign was created at Psyop. As a character animator, my contributions included background character animation, and other extraneous elements---I'll include a breakdown at some point. You can also watch it on Motionographer. Enjoy!

Created at Shilo, summer 2009, this spot was intended for in-house use. I animated a few of the robots. It came out looking great!

June 2009, Psyop created three of the ending cinematics for the BioShock 2 game. The mocap was done at Perspective Studios using Lee Wolland's fantastic rig. The director was Damon Ciarelli and lead animator was Jordan Blit.

In May 2009, I animated on one of the films in the Twenty120--- an independent film series which invites 20 filmmakers to create two minute films on a given theme. The film, entitled "Fatty Wants a New Toy", was directed by Jon Saunders and Tony Barbieri (of Psyop), and animated by Jordan Blit, Carmine Laietta, and myself. (I animated the intro, the end, and the play cycles.)

My student film won an SVA 2009 Outstanding Achievement in Computer Animation award.
Synopsis: A lustful, extravagant waiter meets his match in an uptight, white-collar hottie who refuses to be wooed.

During my senior year at SVA, I was Lead Animator on this award-winning thesis (SVA Best in Show 2009). Because of tight scheduling, not all of the shots made it to final render, but it was still fun to work on. The film, titled "Abyssus," also won a Sony Imageworks Scholarship for its directors, Christian Hanizewski and Rogelio Olguin.

Here is my May 2009 montage reel. The featured projects include my student film, "The Specials," and another SVA thesis titled, "Abyssus." My responsibilities per shot are indicated, including animation, rigging, and modeling.

I'm a character animator and rigger. This is a rigging demo of one of my student film characters.

Summer 2008, I interned as a character animator at Curious Pictures. I animated background characters on the TV movie, Little Spirit, starring Danny DeVito. On the reel, you'll see some cycle tests. Also, I worked on the Snuzzles music video; while a few of the shots I animated exclusively, I did have a hand in all of the shots.

This is last years character animation demo. Employers beware. New and improved to come in 2009!

This is my motion graphics reel as of spring 2008. Everything was created using Adobe After Effects.

A selection of my some of my traditional art, including drawings and paintings.